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Video2Digital® Converter - Deluxe Edition | Capture Video From VCR's, VHS Tapes, Hi8, Camcorder, DVD, & Gaming Systems - No Computer Required

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Need to turn that box of old video tapes or camcorder tapes that's sitting in your closet or basement into digital format?

With the ClearClick Video To Digital Converter (Deluxe Edition), you can transfer your videos to digital format with the touch of a button. Convert your VHS collection and enjoy your old movies again. Restore and share your family memories from 20 years ago. You can watch your digitized videos on your computer, tablet, smartphone, or your TV.

With this Deluxe Edition of the product, you can easily add narration to your video as it transfers using the included mini microphone. (Optional.)

Here's how it works...

1) Connect your Video2Digital Converter to your VCR, camcorder, or any other video source. A VCR/camcorder is required and not included. (RCA cable included!)

2) Press the "Record" button on the converter and watch your video on the 2.3" LCD as it transfers. (No computer is required to capture your videos!)

3) Press "Record" again to stop recording (see important note below).

4) Transfer your digitized videos to your computer with the included USB cable. Then put them on your tablet, smartphone, or burn a DVD.

Included: Prism "Plus" Edition Video Converter Software

With the Prism Plus Video Converter software, you can convert your digitized videos into smartphone and tablet friendly "MP4" format. You can also compress your videos, so that you can share them online and through email.

(This software is optional and is not required to use the converter.)

Fully compatible with both Windows & Macintosh computers. For users without a CD drive, software download access is also provided.

What's In The Box?

This product comes with ClearClick's top-notch, USA-based tech support.

  • Video2Digital Converter - Deluxe Edition
  • 8 GB MicroSD Memory CardCard (pre-inserted in device)
  • Mini Microphone
  • USB Cable & Power Adapter
  • Video Transfer Cable (3-RCA to 3-RCA)
  • TV-Out Cable (3.5mm to 3-RCA)
  • HDMI-Out Cable (for TV playback only)
  • Prism Plus Video Converter Software
  • Quick Start Guide / User's Manual

Prism is published by and is a trademark of NCH Software, Inc. Used with permission.

checkmark Free 4 GB MicroSD Memory Card Included
checkmark Free USA Tech Support From ClearClick
checkmark Full 1 Year Warranty From ClearClick (Extendable By 1 Year For FREE With Product Registration)
checkmark Free Shipping To USA 48
checkmark 14 Day Money-Back Guarantee