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About Us

ClearClick® is a small business that has been providing easy-to-use technology for nearly 10 years. We became known as ClearClick® in 2010.

Based on Orange County, California, we have served tens of thousands of customers located throughout the United States and worldwide. Our mission is to provide unique, fun, and easy-to-use software and electronics to consumers.

We also aim to provide above-average service to our valued customers. We provide a money-back guarantee on all of our products, as well a 1-year warranty (at minimum) and USA-based tech support.

We're excited to see where our future lies. No matter how our company grows and transforms, one thing is for sure: we'll dedicate ourselves to releasing useful, quality products that our customers love!

Keith Gilbert     
Founder & Owner, ClearClick® 

Tech Support: Create a support ticket (We respond within 12-24 business hours and usually much sooner. Please remember to check your Spam folder for our responses.)
Company Email: (We respond within 12-24 business hours and usually much sooner. Please remember to check your Spam folder for our responses.)
Company Address: 1968 S. Coast Hwy
Suite 2415
Laguna Beach, CA 92651


"I found ClearClick several years ago and have purchased many of their products. Let me just say I have never been disappointed. Customer Service is always there to help and will talk to you in a language anyone can understand! So never feel bad about contacting them even if your not familiar with high tech talk, they will take care of your issues and FAST! I am in no way affiliated with this company but when I find one that stands behind their great products I will offer my honest opinion in hopes of helping others find great products and a great company!

A 5 Star Company All The Way!"

Scott S.

"The support team at Clear Click proved to me time and again that they truly care about their customers. I would not hesitate to recommend their products to anyone who is in doubt as to which company with which to do business. I am 67 years old and I can honestly say that Clear Click is the best company that I have ever dealt with in terms of customer service."

John E.
Wakefield, MA

"I did not realize that you were such a young company. I am so surprised at the sincerity of your company through the efforts of Tyler to please each and every customer. It is an understatement to say the least that Tyler has bent over backwards to accommodate me. I can honestly say that in my many years of dealing with various businesses of which there have been many I have never dealt with any company that excels like yours with customer service. If you have other employees like Tyler you are going to go a long way. I have a feeling that Tyler could carry allot of the load all by himself. Please give him a huge pat on the back for being so helpful and professional.
I am so happy with your service that I am offering my service to help you to grow in any way that I can do so including giving my permission to use all of or any part of this email on your web site. I wish you continued success as America needs more companies like yours to turn us in the direction of prosperity. Please let me know whenever the need arises if I can be of assistance to your company.

John Elia

PS I will even take the time to write to and/or talk to anyone about your excellent service. Your company is tops in my eyes."

"I usually leave such devices to the kids but will tell them of your company and products. I will also tell them of the great response I got from your company when this old lady had much difficulty learning how to update tapes to a USB."


"I will proudly endorse your product and customer service to my friends and that includes all 300 Facebook contacts I have as well as over 2500 business associates on LinkedIn.

Thank you so much for a great product and exemplary customer service!!"

Judy Hastings
Cotati, California

"I just want to thank your company and any people that are looking to buy it. You can't go wrong with these programs. They are so amazing, will save you tons of money, it so easy to load, and if you have any problems with it, they are there to help you through them. If any one want to get a hold of me to know more about this programs they can."

Lawrence Lynn Wilson

"I must tell you I have never dealt with such a wonderful company. You were very prompt in shipping my order, answered my e-mails immediately... You are a wonderful company to deal with..."

Ruth Stewart

"I really recommended this software and company to all my friend, because I know their quality and support. In the future, for sure I will come back to see their next software programs. They are excellent."

Holly Setiadi