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Video2Digital® Converter | Capture Video From VCR's, VHS Tapes, Hi8, Camcorder, DVD, & Gaming Systems - No Computer Required

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The Video2Digital® Converter is the world's easiest way to transfer old VHS tapes and camcorder tapes to digital video format.

It's so simple: just hook up the converter to your VCR or camcorder with the included cable, and press the "Record" button. (You can even watch your video transfer on the converter's 2.3" preview screen.)

Your video will begin to be digitized instantly! When you're ready to stop recording, just press the "Record" button again. The Video2Digital® Converter records your video in digital format onto the included 4 GB memory card.

No computer, no drivers, and no special software is required to use the converter, making it easy to use and extremely portable.

To transfer your recorded videos to your computer, simply plug in the converter to your PC or Mac using the included USB cable. Click and drag the video files to your computer to transfer them.

Bonus: Prism Plus Video Converter Software ($70 Retail Value)

Once you've transferred your video files to your computer, the Prism Plus software allows you to convert them to smartphone and tablet friendly formats. You can also compress your videos, so that you can share them online and through email. Works with both Windows Vista/7/8/10 and Mac OS X

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