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VHS To DVD Kit™ for Mac OS X | Convert Any VHS Tape To Digital Video or DVD

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Note: This kit includes software and the USB video capture device, but no longer includes the RCA cable. This is a standard cable that can be purchased at many electronics stores, if you do not have one.

With the VHS To DVD Kit™ for Mac OS X, you can easily convert your VHS video tapes to digital format.

It's easy to set up. Here's how it works!

1. Install and load the VideoGlide software.
2. Plug in the included USB video capture device.
3. Connect your VCR to the USB video capture device.
4. Load a VHS tape into your VCR and start playing it.
5. Click "Record" in the VideoGlide software.

That's it! Your VHS tape will record in digital video format onto your Mac computer.

The VHS To DVD Kit™ also includes DVD burning software, which you can use to burn your digitized videos to DVD.

A step-by-step quick start guide is included that will walk you through the easy conversion process.

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