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QuickConvert® | Scan Photos, Slides, & Negatives To Digital at 20 MegaPixels

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UPDATE: QuickConvert 2.0 Scanner Now Available! Click Here For More Details.

UPDATE: QuickConvert 2.0 Scanner Now Available! Click Here For More Details.

Got a bunch of old photos, slides, or negatives? Convert them to digital pictures with the QuickConvert®!

This easy device allows you to scan photos (3x5, 4x6, & 5x7), slides, and negatives (35mm) to high-quality, digital JPG photos.

It's extremely fast, too. Each photo, slide, or negative takes just 2-3 seconds to scan. (Compare that with 1-2 minutes per scan with a conventional flatbed scanner!)

Here's how it works: simply place your photos on the scanning glass (face down) or load your slides or negatives into the side of the converter using the included holders. With the 2.4" preview LCD, you'll be able to see each photo, slide, or negative as you scan it.

When you're ready to convert your photo, slide, or negative, just press the "SCAN" button and then the "ENTER" button. Your digitized photo will be saved in just 2-3 seconds!

No computer and no drivers are required to use the QuickConvert®. That means that it's quick and easy to set up, and it can be used anywhere!

When you're ready to transfer your scanned photos to your computer, simply use the included USB cable to plug the QuickConvert® into your PC or Mac. The converter will install like a USB flash drive on your computer. Just click and drag your scanned images to transfer them to your computer.

Bonus #1: PhotoPad Pro Image Editing Software ($50 Retail Value)

With this easy software, you can edit, crop, touch up, resize, compress, and create beautiful collages of your photos, as well as share your photos with others. Works with Windows Vista/7/8/10 and Mac OS X.

Bonus #2: 8 GB Memory Card ($20 Retail Value)

The included 8 GB memory card can hold up to 2,000 digital photos at a time. It can be erased and reused after transferring the images to your computer.

PhotoPad is published by and is a trademark of NCH Software, Inc. Used with permission.

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