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HD Video Capture Box Ultimate | Capture HD Video From Gaming Systems & HDMI Video Sources

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This device supports live streaming, but only on PC with OBS software (Mac/XSplit not supported). This device does not record, live stream, or pass-through from HDMI sources with HDCP (content protection) enabled, including many HDMI sources such as computers, DVR's, DVD players, etc. The device will show an "Unsupported Content" error or no signal from these sources. This does not indicate a defective device. See page #6 of the user's manual for more details.

Introducing the HD Video Capture Box Ultimate from ClearClick.

With this device, you can easily record audio and video from HDMI video sources (up to 1080P and 60 FPS).

The device also records from SD video sources such as VCR's, camcorders, DVD players, and so on.

The large 3.5" LCD and built-in speaker allow you to preview the audio & video being recorded.

No computer is required - the device saves your videos in MP4 format onto any USB drive (up to 4 TB) or SD card (up to 128 GB). Supports microphone input for overlaying extra audio onto your video.

Or live stream your video source by connecting the HD Capture Box Ultimate to your PC (PC/OBS only; Mac/XSplit not supported).

Features & Technical Specifications:
- Record From HD & SD Video Sources (with Audio)
- Records Up To 1080P & 60 FPS
- Extra Large 3.5" Preview LCD & Speaker
- Plays Back Recorded Videos On Device
- Microphone Input - For Overlaying Extra Audio
- Built-In 1800 mAh Battery
- Remote Control Included
- HDMI & AV Cables Included
- USB Cable & Charger Included
- Supports Live Streaming (PC Only, OBS Only)
- Records To USB Drives or SD Cards
- "Schedule Recording" Feature

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checkmark 1 Year Warranty From ClearClick (Extendable By 1 Year For FREE With Product Registration)
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checkmark 14 Day Money-Back Guarantee

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