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HD Capture Box™ | Capture HD Video From Gaming Systems & HDMI Video Sources

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Note: this device does not live stream. Also, this device does not record or pass-through from HDMI sources with HDCP (content protection) enabled, including many HDMI sources such as computers, DVR's, DVD players, etc. The device will show no signal from these sources. This does not indicate a defective device. See the user's manual for more details.

Capture 1080p/720p video from gaming systems & other HDMI sources with the HD Capture Box™

The HD Capture Box™ is the world's easiest way to record from HDMI video sources. It records video onto any USB flash drive or USB hard drive. (No computer or software is required!)

Here's how it works...

1) Power on the HD Capture Box™ using the included power adapter.

2) Connect your HDMI video source to the HD Capture Box™. (HDMI cable included!)

3) Press the "Record" button to begin recording.

4) When you're ready to stop recording, press the "Record" button again.

5) Your video will be saved onto your USB flash drive!

After recording your videos, simply plug in the USB flash drive into your PC or Mac to transfer the recordings to your computer.

For gamers, the HD Capture Box's HDMI pass-through feature allows you to record and game at the same time with no lag. Plus, use the HD Capture Box's 1/8" microphone/headset input jack to record extra audio on your video.

The HD Capture Box™ can record from HDMI video sources, including gaming devices with an HDMI output.

You can also edit your videos with the included VideoPad (Master's Edition) video editing software. You can edit your clips, add other videos, images, music, special effects, transitions, and text, and also burn your recordings to DVD. The software works with both Windows 10/8/7/Vista and Mac OS X.

VideoPad is published by NCH Software Inc.

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