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Film2USB™ Converter | Scan 35mm Slides & Negatives To Digital JPG Photos

  • 9995

Have a bunch of old slides or negatives that you'd like to turn into digital pictures?

Look no further than the Film2USB™ Converter! With this simple device, you can easily scan your slides and 35mm negatives to digital pictures in just a few steps.

Simply load your slides or negatives into the included holders and load the holders into the Film2USB™ Converter - and then start scanning! No computer and no drivers are required to scan, and each photo takes just seconds to digitize.

Once you've scanned your slides and negatives, simply connect the converter to your PC or Mac with the included USB cable to transfer the digital photos. Alternatively, a video cable is included, which you can use to connect your converter to your TV and see your pictures on the big screen.

Easy, step-by-step instructions are included, as well as a 2 GB memory card, which can hold hundreds of pictures at a time. Along with the normal slide and negative holders, you'll also receive a quick slide loader, which you can use to rapidly load and scan slides.

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