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Virtuoso® 3.0 Scanner | Convert Film, Slides, & Negatives To Digital JPG Photos at 22 MegaPixels

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Got a box of old slides and negatives? Turn your photos into digital format so that you can preserve them and share them with others!

It's easy with the ClearClick Virtuoso 3.0 (Third Generation) Slide & Negative Scanner. No computer is required to use the scanner, which means no confusing software or drivers. The Virtuoso 3.0 can scan your film to digital photos at a high-quality resolution of 14 megapixels or 22 megapixels (interpolated).

And with the huge 7" preview screen, you can see each slide or negative in "real time" before you scan it. When you're ready to scan, just hit the "OK/Scan" button, and your photo will be scanned and saved onto any SD memory card (NOT INCLUDED; 32GB or less) in just 1-2 seconds!

The Virtuoso 3.0 can automatically set the color & brightness of each scan, or you can control it manually by the easy access buttons on top of the scanner.

The scanner works with most common formats of slides, negatives, and film, including 35mm, 110, 126 negatives (both B&W and color) as well as standard 35mm slides (2"x2"in/50x50mm). The scanner comes with easy "slide-through" film holders, which make it very quick to load your slides & negative strips into the scanner. Adapters for 110 and 126 negatives are included too.

Once you've scanned some photos, you can connect your scanner directly to your TV to view them using any mini-HDMI-to-HDMI cable (included).

Or easily transfer your scanned photos to your PC or Mac by connecting the scanner to your computer. You can also transfer them by simply removing the SD card (NOT INCLUDED; 32GB or less) and inserting it into your computer.

What's In The Box:

  • ClearClick Virtuoso 3.0 (Third Generation) Slide & Negative Scanner
  • Slide & Negative Holders for 35mm Negatives & 50x50mm Slides
  • Adapters For 110 & 126 Negatives
  • USB Cable & Power Adapter
  • Cleaning Brush
  • HDMI Cable
  • User's Manual

Not Included:

  • SD Card (32 GB or less, Class 10 or higher)
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