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Present+Share (USB-C Edition) | Wireless Presentation & Video Broadcasting System for Laptops & Smartphones

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Introducing the Present+Share (USB-C Edition) Wireless Presentation & Video Broadcasting System.

This is the perfect wireless presentation system solution for homes, businesses, conferences, churches, schools, and more.

No confusing drivers or apps are required! Here's how it works...

1. Plug in the HDMI receiver to a TV, monitor, or projector. Connect the included USB power cable.

2. Plug in one of the USB-C transmitters to your laptop, netbook, or phone* and press the transmit button.

3. Your computer or mobile device will automatically connect and start broadcasting to the receiver automatically.

4. To transmit using the other USB-C transmitter, press the transmit button on the first receiver to "unlink" that transmitter. Then, plug in the other transmitter into another device, and press the transmit button on that transmitter.

This system can securely broadcast audio & video up to 1080P at a range of up to 49 feet.

Compatible with laptops (both Windows & Mac), netbooks, and phones.*

*System Requirements: Must have USB-C port. (Does not support Lightning port or micro USB.) Recommended minimum 2018 model year.
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